The Danger of Auto-Pilot

06-13-16 (2)_edited-1The Danger of Auto-Pilot

“Those moments during your day when you are not really
directing your thoughts and behavior.”

Mel Robbins – interview with Success Magazine

Truth be told, Patty and I both are still held captive by our jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful, but for a large percentage of the population, their job won’t get them to retirement. For most people they just don’t see a way out. And when they complain to me and I offer to show them some options that Patty and I have discovered, usually the door slams shut. That’s the danger of auto-pilot.

Just last weekend as we enjoyed the summer weather and music at one of our favorite hangouts. The gentleman at the next table commented that his Teamster pension will run out in 10 years. I recently spoke with new neighbor who was forced to downsize because his pension was cut.

Work and work ethic is honorable. However blind loyalty to a company can be disappointing. Patty had to start over after 36 years of loyal service to her company. I’m advising my children and the young people I meet continue to work hard, but have a Plan B. Go to college, get a good job, work 40 hours (or more) a week for 40 years and retire on 40 percent of what you formerly had to live on…  if you are lucky. Or you can make your own luck by owning a business.

So Mike if you’ve made to retirement, I celebrate your journey and success. According to the United States Census 2013, a lot of baby boomers won’t be able to retire… and I would add, as long as they stay on auto-pilot. But everyone can make the choice to take the helm back again with a little open mindedness and adventurous spirit.

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