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Recommended Reading

If only the answers to life could be found in one place. But alas, by grand design, they are not. It seems that the answers are found in the collective experience and knowledge. Every profession on the planet requires training and education so it should be no surprise that both are required in the industry of direct sales and network marketing. Listed below is reading I consider to be mandatory. Skip the training and education at your own peril.

Change Anything – The science of personal change and achievement.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen is the one book you cannot live without reading, and the one book you will want to give your children so they have the best opportunity to find success in their journey. The slight edge is making the small seemingly insignificant decisions on a daily basis that accumulate to incredible success (or failure) in health, finances, life.

So many of the challenges we face as network marketers are in our own minds. John Milton Fogg in The Greatest Networker in the World goes on to say that generally, people are their own worst enemy in this industry. This book can teach you (and your team) how to adjust your attitude for SUCCESS.

The Influencer is recommended by John Milton Fogg. If your success depends on inspiring and influencing team mates to forsake their unproductive self-destructive ways and make a change that will benefit them first and the organization at large thereafter – read and study this book.

Excellent reading if you feel like there is a calling on your life to live above average.

Ditch that old (stinky) financial blueprint that’s kept you from achieving your dream and your potential. Rewrite it with a blueprint for success by adopting in incorporating The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

This is a must have item. Read and re-read it. Eat it one bite at time. Chew your food thoroughly. Jeffry Gitomer Little Red Book of Selling

Everyone should have a taste of Robert T. Kiyosaki in their personal development library. Cash Flow Quadrant and Rich Dad Poor Dad are classics

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