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Having your own personal coach is a partnership that gives you insight, inspiration and (creates positive) influence that will help you create an optimal result.

My coach is for people who either because the pain has become insufferable, or they aspire to elevate an aspect of their life, like their health, to a new level.

Health professionals and agencies are sounding an alarm regarding the obesity epidemic in America. The effects of this nefarious condition aren’t readily apparent until it becomes complicated by diabetes, heart disease, cancer and now alzheimers  – any or all of which steal quality of life which may not be all that important until it’s you or someone you love.

Eat less and exercise more is not the answer and never will be. Katie Couric released a documentary in the spring of 2014 called “Fed Up” where she addresses some of the root problems of the obesity crisis. She disputes that overweight is a lack of exercise and self control (only) and lays blame on failed public policy and food industry capitalists that feed off our human and biological desire for sugar, salt and fat which was a survival mechanism when our ancestors were hunter gathers.

As your “my coach”, I am certified to guide you through a proven program, and together we’ll achieve the result you are seeking. Not only that but introduce you to a like minded community of support and provide you with the tools to create optimal health and an optimal life.

Fill out the form today for your free consultation. Do it before it’s too late.

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