For Your Improved Health

Mike you are an amazing man. You inspired me to take control of my health and well being. I feel better and look better than I have in years. My energy is ongoing and my eagerness to try new things is exploding. You are a great coach, friend, and contributor to enriching the lives you touch through your knowledge, compassion, and humor! Trish Dervin – Career Coach.


Name one thing more important than your good health.

1. _______________

If you are drawing a blank, that’s good because no matter how slice it, there is only one logical answer. Nothing is more important than your good health. You only get one body to live in and as your health diminishes, so does your ability to participate in and enjoy life.

Think about this. Would improved health help you:

  • Enjoy your wealth?
  • Enjoy your family?
  • Serve your fellow man?
  • Create your legacy?
  • Be effective in your spiritual life?
  • Be more productive in your work?
  • Live out your heart’s desire?

Hopefully you answered affirmative to all the above questions.

Now here’s the kicker. Doctors and experts agree that many health problems we encounter can be improved (or avoided entirely) by a life-style change. If your health or weight is not where you want it to be and are serious about making things different, you may want to try coaching for a change. Serious candidates can sign up for a no obligation 20-minute coaching session by filling out the form below – for your improved health…

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