Celebrating Personal Achievement – Weight-loss

You are about to read some very compelling stories that stand as a testament to courage, discipline and drive that our coaching service reveals in our clients. Nobody that has ever struggled with their weight hasn’t experienced disappointment and discouragement. Obesity may at times seem insurmountable for an individual desiring to change but lacking the tools, education and support to make the transition successfully. That’s why every time a person reaches their goal the achievement is notable and worthy of celebration.

I invite you to become inspired and consider the possibilities for yourself (if you need it) by answering this one question. How will your life be different when you reach your own healthy weight?

Mike Winslow
Looking back at this photo from 2008 I think I look pretty frumpy. I didn’t feel self conscious because just about everyone you see is carrying around a few extra pounds.But it bothered me on occasion, especially when I had to buy larger pants and I knew deep down that 30 extra pounds might have a detrimental effect on my health long term.During the winter of 2010 I decided to do something about it after connecting with my health coach Dee. She got me started on the right path and held me accountable. I found the program easy to follow and do. And maybe it’s just vanity, but I feel good about the way 32” pants fit me. I’ve maintained my weight going on 2 years by practicing the habits of health I learned in the program. This excellent experience was the primary influence my decision to become a health coach.
My name is Emily and I am a recovering over-eater. I had been overweight my entire life. I was so embarrassed about my weight that I refused to have any of my wedding photos printed for my family.I decided something had to be done when I was invited to be a bridesmaid. The sales associate couldn’t get her arms around me to take a measurement and let me know that 28 was the largest size the dress could be made in! That decision brought me to this amazing program. I started December 1, 2011 and have never regretted it.After only a month, people started noticing. For the first time in a very long time, I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I went to my doctor for my yearly exam and showed her a place on my side where I found a mass. It turned out that I what I was feeling were ribs!
I’ve lost 125+ pounds, and I’m still going. I am much more confident and I’ve tried things I could never have done when I was heavier such as riding a camel and zip-lining. I love my new life!
Larry – I’ve struggled with my health and weight since I was a child. In 2000 at 306 pounds and a size 54 waist I was diagnosed with terminal condition and went on disability. By 2004 I heard I was terminal 3 more times. After 17 surgeries between 2004 and 2010, I finally resigned myself to this fate. So I bought a really beautiful waterfront house to spend my last days.A week before escrow closed, I met a gentleman while shopping who told me about this program that had helped him lose weight. By this time I felt I had nothing to “lose” so I decided to give his program a try. To my surprise I lost 80 pounds in four months! My health was greatly improved and using my new found knowledge I maintained my new weight right through the holidays. Come January I went back on plan and lost another 65 pounds for a grand total of 145 pounds.Today weighing 161 and wearing a size 28 waist I feel like this program saved my life. I have never felt better and my blood work is awesome. And now I’ve found myself in a new rewarding career as a health coach using my experience and story to help others desperately seeking a solution to their weight problem.
Weight-loss before and afterMolly – Two years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes and my weight at the time was 245 pounds! I lost 50 pounds when I adopted a strict diabetic diet and exercised for hours daily. But then I stalled out because I couldn’t keep up with the intense exercise, and the preparation and cooking took way too much time. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the rest of my weight off and the medicine was making me feel gross. That’s when I learned about this program. I lost the last 50 pounds without effort, and now I weigh 155! I’m active and healthy. I feel fit and fabulous, like my outside finally matches my inside. But the best thing is I don’t have to take medication anymore. None! I’m so grateful I found this wonderful program.

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