60 The New 50

The New Healthy 60“I’m sixty years of age. That’s 16 Celsius.”
– George Carlin

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”
– Chili Davis

60 The New 50

I’ve been told by some generous people that I don’t look 59 (soon to be 60). When they ask my secret I explain that I’ve spent half my money and time on women and booze. When they ask what I did with the other half I have to confess that I just wasted it — just kiddin’.

Candidly speaking, I’ve been agonizing over this milestone. I honestly don’t know how I got here or where the time has gone and I feel like there is so much more left to accomplish. After wrestling with this inescapable fact for quite some time I’ve changed my mind and decided to embrace the fact that I’ll be turning 60 next Monday. But that doesn’t mean that I plan to grow up.

Medicine Bow Peak

Medicine Bow Peak

I am planning to celebrate by meeting my son in Wyoming and see if I can still cover the 2000 vertical feet to the summit of Medicine Bow Peak (12,013 above sea level) in about 2 hours.

I’ve already gone to the doctor for my 60 (thousand mile) checkup. He asked me the secret to my youthful appearance. You already know the answer. I got the blood work done even though I’m very skittish around needles but worth it to find out “all systems are go”.

I’m going to treat myself too, by getting my bicycle tuned up, scheduling a massage, playing volleyball once or twice a week and hanging out with family and friends

One treat you won’t find at this celebration is cake and ice cream. Sorry that’s two things, and sorry – I know I’m flying in the face of everything that’s patriotic and traditional. I won’t eat it and would feel bad contributing to the delinquency of your diet. As a coach, I know that too much sugar (or anything for that matter) is bad for us. “The average person consumes 150 pounds of sugar per year–compared to just 7 ½ pounds consumed on average in the year 1700. That’s 20 times as much!” –  Dr. Oz. I know some will take exception to my remarks (bakery owners, stock holders in sugar and food companies and some other thick headed folks) but my answer to them is a statement made by the 15th century physician Paracelsus, “The dose makes the poison”. The poison in this case contributes to metabolic syndrome (read cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc) which will put you under.

Since I have feel like I have so much left to accomplish before I depart this planet I’m going to treat my body like the temple that it is in order to get the most out of the time I have left (however long it may be), and do my best to make 60 the new 50.

I personally want to thank you for taking your precious time to read my blog. Hopefully you’ll take away some inspiration or insight. I’d love to see your comments at if you care to leave them at the bottom of this page. I’ve got to stop writing for now because I have to make an appointment for my colonoscopy. Oh boy…

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  1. Mike you are an amazing man. You inspired me to take control of my health and well being. At 55 years old, I too get those glimpses of the big “Six Oh”. I try to quickly put it out of my mind and focus on living rather than growing old. As a Take Shape For Lifer – I feel better and look better than I have in years. My energy is ongoing and my eagerness to try new things is exploding. You are a great coach, friend, and contributor to enriching the lives you touch through your knowledge, compassion, and humor!

    Continue being the authentic you. Happy happy birthday. Safe travels and climbing.

    Trish Dervin

  2. I beat you by six months, Mike….60 isn’t so bad! Especially since we do take care to live a lifestyle that will, hopefully, afford us quite a few more years!

    Let’s celebrate!!

  3. Happy Birthday Coach…60 is merely a number. I am amazing at 65..never looked or felt better…thanks to you!
    Enjoy your special day.

  4. Well versed Mike, good health should not be a kick, it should be a lifestyle. I appreciate your strong will and determination but will still be happy to eat your cake and ice cream for you. Best!

    • Sean – Thanks for the nice comment. Should any cake slip past my front line defense, I will forward it to you. Best!

  5. Mike,
    Congratulations! You made it to 60 and in great health. Your a great person and I’m fortunate to know you. I’m a few years away literally to 60. From my perspective, while on one hand were 100% control of our lives at the same time God has some say in it. Keeping enjoying life. Have a great time with your son and I like forward to hearing about the hike.


    • Thank you Stan. Yes, not everything is in our control. I’m glad our paths have crossed and I’ll let you know how the climb goes.

  6. ED. WINSLOW says:


    • I’ve had many distinguished guests comment on my blog, but I was very touched when I saw your remarks. Yes Dad, you are a remarkable man at 83, 60+ years of marriage, 5 children, 16 grand children, soon to be 4 great grand children. You remove snow for everyone on your block and a few who aren’t, volunteer at the Y and given the opportunity could still track down a bull elk in the Bridger Wilderness and bring it home for dinner. You are a great role model. Thank you for the encouraging words.

  7. Hi Mike

    Sorry for the late congratulations on turning the BIG 60. Happy Birthday. You’re looking great for your age and I see you are fast catching up to me:). Thank you for staying in touch and keep well and joyful. Your friend from downunder,Vince

    • Vince – your card arrived on time and made me laugh. I’m deeply grateful for you – a mate down under. Too Roo

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