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Right To Eat – Exercise It Wisely

cp-ss-fatguy-2Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health…. He lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived. -Unknown

Right To Eat – Exercise It Wisely.

Life didn’t always come with the guarantee of three squares a day. Our earliest ancestors were hunter gatherers. The human body, the survival machine that it is, kept the species alive by hoarding calories. If you were fortunate enough to eat more in a day than your body required it stored it as fat because tomorrow just might be lean and you could live off your fat until the next kill or find.

Even after evolving into agricultural age of farming and domestic livestock, the right to eat still wasn’t guaranteed. Bad weather could wipe out your crop for the year or disease could infect your herds. Still our calorie hoarding survival machine bodies worked to keep up alive.

It wasn’t that long ago that fresh fruit was a seasonal part of the human diet. You ate it in the fall and added a layer of fat which got you through the winter. Now fruit (and fruit sugar) is available all year around and your body will hoard those excess calories anticipating the coming winter and scarcity – which never comes, at least here in America, so you keep packing on the fat. This is not only a local or national problem but has become a world wide epidemic.

“Once just a problem of wealthy nations, obesity now impacts countries at all economic levels, bringing with it a wave of ill health and lost productivity.” – Harvard School of Public Health.

Living in America, the greatest nation on the face of the earth, pretty much guarantees you the right to eat. But with every right comes a responsibility and consequences for our choices. The consequence for ignoring your health is that it will go away and with it, everything you’ve worked for and fought to acquire.

Solving a national problem can be difficult. But what about the ill health and lost productivity that may affect you personally? There are answers that can improve the quality of your life and changes that you can implement beginning today that can improve your health outcome.

In closing I’d like to suggest that you think about the important things you have; family, faith, property, wealth and health and to ask yourself if you’ve focused enough on your health then re-balance your priorities if you need to.

Here’s three tips to help you wisely exercise your right to eat.

  • Learn to read food labels and cut back on sugar. Of the 600,000 food products available, over 80% have added sugar.
  • Begin to eat more meals that are lean and green. Lean protein and green vegetable. A steak and potato is less than ideal. Try a steak and broccoli (at least sometimes).
  • Eat less processed foods (and more whole foods). These foods are typically high glycemic (which I’ll will cover in a future article).

Fourth and finally, if you are ready to (d)evolve and trim down that calorie hoarding survival machine that you inhabit, try coaching for a change.

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