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More Important Than The Goal

GoalsWhat you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

– Henry David Thoreau

More Important than the Goal.

On June 17 I wrote a blog entitled “60 the New 50” and that I intended to meet my son in Wyoming in July to see if could scamper the two mile 2000 vertical feet to the top of Medicine Bow Peak 12,013 above sea level, in under 2 hours. On July 25 we arrived at the summit in an hour and fifty minutes – not to bad for a 60 year old guy coming from Saint Louis about 500 feet above sea level.

Summit Success

Summit Success

Having Reached My Goal, Now What?

This is where people that I coach get tripped up. More important than the goal itself is what comes next? Let’s just say a person has a goal to lose 50 pounds. Once they achieve that goal what usually happens? They think they are rewarding themselves and revert to their former poor dietary habits. It’s called yo-yo dieting and is very unhealthy.

How would it sound to you if you knew I’d been training for this hike and climb for 2 months, then once achieving my goal, become a beer drinking couch potato?

What is more important than the goal is to take some time to reflect upon what achieving it has caused you to become, and what is next for you in your life.

When it comes to weight loss, what have you become? Stronger, healthier, vibrant, confident and more energetic? So the important thing to do is to is to discover “your why” for living. Are you alive on this planet for a purpose, to complete a mission or to fulfill a divine destiny? What is your passion? Maybe it’s service to your fellow man, or travel or philanthropy. All of which will be enhanced your your good health or hindered by your poor health.

For me, my why includes being actively around for my children, grand children, family, friends, engaging life in the sand volleyball courts and (candidly) I need a little more time to correct some mistakes I’ve made. For me, summitting  Medicine Bow Peak this year is just a prelude to a some Colorado “14er” calling my name on my 61st birthday. And having that in mind helps me make healthy choices moving forward.

How about you? Maybe you or someone you know is ready to evolve to a better state having recognized that their current path will not turn out well and will be a disappointment. If you are ready to make things different, try coaching for a change.

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