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Fun and Musically Inspirational

foursome-competitiveFun and Musically Inspirational.

Salut Salon is an all-female chamber music quartet from Hamburg, Germany. If you have three and a half minutes and want to be entertained and inspired – watch this video.

Addicted to Sugar

sugar-addiction“We’re Toast as Country”
– Dr. David Kessler
Former FDA Commissioner

Addicted to Sugar

While shopping for my lean and green Memorial Day Meal I couldn’t help but to notice food selection of three over weight teens going through the self-check out at the same time.

As a blogger and health coach I’m always on the look out for fodder to build a good article around so while I feigned urgently checking my Facebook, I took this candid photo and as luck would have it, they left the receipt in the printer. Fifteen dollars of pure … well from the teen’s perspective pure heaven, but from the coach’s perspective pure sad addicted to sugar damaging choices.

Why do I say sad? If habits don’t change, what will this boy’s physiology and health status be in 20 years? How about quality of life or productivity?

One of the requirements of coaching is caring. But why should you care? If current trends persist, “Medicare will collapse under the weight of a third of Americans having diabetes and associated chronic disease”, (paraphrased) Dr. Robert Lustig, University of California San Francisco.

This article is not in judgment of the boy. The obesity epidemic began a good 10 to 15 years before he was born. He is a product of the culture, marketing and food environment of his time. Sadly that won’t change the consequences of his choices.

Like tobacco use, life-style and personal choice as it relates to the obesity epidemic issues are already a public safety and financial issue because it affects insurance rates and the delivery of medical care. The solution for this problem will require changing the environment with public policy and holding food and marketing companies accountable for what they are selling which will take some political will. As a coach, I’m doing my part in the grass roots movement to get Americans healthy again.

What about you? Do you know anyone who’s addicted to sugar? If this article resonates,you can create your own environment of health within your home and sphere of influence. If you are one of the two thirds of Americans overweight or obese and want some help, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the form just below the video. If you care to comment, please don’t email me. Use the “Speak Your Mind” feature at the very bottom of the page so that other readers might benefit from your remarks.

Finally, I’ve included the trailer for the documentary “Fed Up” for your convenience. It’s only 2 minutes 25 seconds and worth a watch. I highly recommend seeing the movie or renting it when it becomes available.

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Coach Mike Winslow

coaching-icon-300x293Coach Mike Winslow

For some time now I’ve been contemplating the role of Coach Mike Winslow as it relates to the service I provide. Depending on your experience and gender, the word coach could have several implications. For example, type in the word “coach” to Google Images and 95 percent of the images are from the Coach Leather Company – ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Maybe for the current or former college athlete the word coach could conjure up images of the famous basketball coach Bobby Knight. Any football fan is familiar with the name Vince Lombardi and if you are a St. Louis baseball fan, you no doubt have heard of Herzog, Torre and La Russa.

But coaching has evolved in recent years from being primarily associated with athletes to a much broader application in professions. Who hires or uses coaches today? CEOs, entrepreneurs, pastors, actors, singers, students and those who desire to make an improvement, either personally or professionally.

All coaches regardless of the sport or profession have at least one thing in common. The passionate desire for success and for winning however that is defined. In order to achieve this goal they have to bring out the best in the individual or individuals that make up the team.

What I bring to the table as a coach is insight, inspiration, and influence that can help my clients effect the change they are looking for in their lives.

Insight is gained by listening with an empathetic ear and asking the right questions. Inspiration is discovering that latent desire or dream within in a person that may be buried by experiences and past failures. Influence is exercising that gentle and encouraging sway down that road that we have defined as success.

The coaching I provide is based on relationship, trust and rapport – not the old fashioned idea of having you run wind sprints until you puke. However, as I coach, I am only half the equation. My clients still have to show up to the ball park, take the training, study, swing the bat and run the bases. That said, success is possible for anyone willing to get into the game and play ball.

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Serious and committed candidates can enroll for a free coaching session and added materials.
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