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No Excuse

No Excuse – Get a Coach

In 2004 on April 5 President George W. Bush threw out the First Pitch for the Cardinal’s home opener against the Brewers. I’m not a big collector but value this photo that sits in my desk especially now that Mike Matheny is the Cardinal’s  manager. I try to catch Matheny’s radio segment on Tuesday afternoons because hearing his views as a coach and manager helps me round out my understanding of coaching.

Coach Matheny recently posted this in his blog, “Where the heart is willing it will find a thousand ways, but where it is unwilling it will find a thousand excuses.”

I think you all would agree that athletes like baseball, football, golf, hockey, gymnastics, rowing and you name it need coaches. But have you ever asked yourself why? Of course it took coaching to get to the big leagues, but once you’ve arrived, what further need do you have for a coach? The two basic answers are that (1) life is not static, (have you ever heard of a good player going into a slump?) And (2) it is the nature of life that we never quite “arrive” so must continue striving to achieve our destiny. Good players get better.

Besides athletes who else might use a coach? To begin with how about business owners or CEOs. They hire coaches all the time to help them achieve the next level. I know a business coach and highly recommend him. Stan Perkins the Growth Coach has the experience and the skill to help a business grow to the next level.

Or what might a mid or top level professional do when restructuring leaves them out in the cold and they haven’t applied or interviewed for a job in the last 15-20 years. I’d recommend a career coach like Trish Dervin. Rather than flailing helplessly in uncharted waters, get a  coach and get on course to the next position and phase of your life.

Then there are students seeking scholastic excellence, actors, vocalists and musicians – all using coaches, tutors, mentors and teachers.

So when it comes to regaining your health, maybe a little coaching is just what you need. Many of my clients have confided that they frustrated themselves trying to do it on their own. These are intelligent people and the failures are not a reflection on their IQ, skill or desire. It’s just that coaching has an amazing effect on cutting through the crap (what doesn’t work) and getting focused on what does. Using a coach is not an indication of weakness, it is an indication of intelligence and strength.

If you hate the way you look and feel and think you have a willing heart, then there is no excuse for at least arranging a initial “discovery” (coaching) call… it’s complementary.

Yes, I hate the way I look and feel.

Please contact me. I want to be confident and happy about my appearance, health and future.