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Good Health Care, Good Health Insurance or Good Health?

Juxtapose the poster with the two adults. Maybe they should hitting the bag or walking the mall.

What’s more important? Good health? Good health care? Good health insurance?

The Saint Louis Post Dispatch Sunday 12/29 in a front page story headlined “No Quick Cure for Ailing Health Care in U.S. declares that nearly four years after the Affordable Health Care Act was passed our health care system is still in a crises. Wow! News to me – not. And I don’t suppose to you either.

I’ve heard it said that we really don’t have a health care system, it’s more like a sick care system. You get sick then go seek medical attention. Much of the sickness our medical services treat are life-style related illnesses resulting from lack of exercise, diet, smoking and obesity. According to the article, Missouri is struggling with obesity and the two most common conditions resulting are diabetes and heart disease. But who really cares about that when you have good health insurance, right? As foolish as it sounds, it’s the prevailing attitude in our culture. By the way, do people really still smoke?

Here’s a couple of more factoids to gnaw on. The U.S. spends twice as much per capita (for healthcare) than other industrialized nations and have a shorter life expectancy than their counterparts in Western European nations. With a 36.5% obesity rate, the U.S. the highest among the 34 industrialized nations in the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. The article also states that Missouri is one of the most unhealthy states in the Union.

Regarding all of this, The Institute of Medicine has concluded that, to improve the nation’s health,  the government… WHOA! Hold on to your horses pardner. Really? Are they trying to tell me that your insulin resistant flabby run down body being buoyed up with all those pharmaceuticals is some how the responsibility of the government?

Think about it. Who’s responsible for your health either good or bad? You or Uncle Sam?

Going back to the first question. What’s more important? For me, it is my good health. That is what I have the most control over. Secondly I’d take good health insurance and hopefully won’t need to use it. Finally, after doing all I can, there still may be an occasion for me to use the services of the sick care profession with the hopes that I find practitioners that philosophically believe in “good health” care.


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