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Doctors “Told” Get Serious About Obesity

Doctors-told_4wpDoctors told get serious about obesity… I’m wondering who bosses a doctor around (besides their mom).

I’m going to try and have some fun with this article from the Saint Louis Post Dispatch.

Seriously, when was the last time the Doc walked into the exam room and told you a joke or was “cracking up” with one of the nurses? Have you ever met a doctor who wasn’t serious as a heart attack (wink) about their work? Already his/her case load is more than they can handle yet now they are being “told” to get on your case about your weight?

Besides the weight of your health on their shoulders, they have to deal with a very tight schedule, staff, administrators, insurance companies and regulations. Where are they going to find the time to get on your case?

It goes on to say your Doc was told to calculate your body mass index to determine your condition. A BMI of 18.5-25 is considered optimal, 25-30 you are overweight, greater than 30 indicates you are obese.

Determine your Body Mass Index. (Scroll to the bottom left of the page.)

Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson in his book, Discover Your Optimal Health has to say regarding the consequences of overweight, obesity and poor health habits. “The path to optimal health will be inconvenient for awhile, filled with simple, mundane, insignificant choices, and will challenge you. You are taking responsibility, getting out of your comfort zone; you are swimming (emphasis added) against many who appear deceptively comfortable. They may be comfortable on their couches or at the fast-food restaurants now, but they (hopefully not you) will be come less comfortable later. Inconvenience will creep in and eventually dominate their every moment. They will endure daily life with low energy, chronic pain, and lack of libido, medication’s side effects, and many trips to the bathroom nightly. The highlight of the week will be multiple doctor appointments and the haunting reality that each morning they must struggle through another day.”

I put “swimming” in bold, because anyone proactive about their health and diligent regarding their diet is swimming against the current, culturally. We are assaulted from every side with clever marketing campaigns in all forms of media and misinformation. We are offered foods scientifically designed to make you crave the very thing that will eventually bring the demise of your good health. You can’t go into a corporate office break room and not find donuts, cake and high fructose sweetened carbonated beverages in abundance. Don’t forget the potato chips either. You can’t stop for gas and not have the opportunity to purchase a packaged cake snack that has almost infinite shelf life with zero beneficial nutrition, or the sulfate laden hot dog and bright white flour bun. Just watch television and you’ll see that it has become normal to be overweight – but don’t be deceived, it’s not healthy.

Seriously, America has a problem. And if your BMI is much over 25, you do too. Take a look into the crystal ball and if you don’t like what you see in your future, you don’t need a doctor’s permission (or nagging) set a phone appointment with The Coach to discuss your case. I promise not to get on your back but offer you the support, tools and skills to achieve your weight loss and health goals.

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