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Life is Tough

09-04-McDs-Life-Tough_sign-forwebLife is Tough.

Life is tough. This is true, but handling “tough” with emotional intelligence is the key to success. I’m not sure bacon is the answer.

At incredible peril and risk to my own well being and life, I pulled off on the shoulder of I-70 in Earth City (Saint Louis) because I just had to photograph this bill board. The semis were doing their best to blow me the rest of the way off the road and the texting drivers threatened me more than once.

Safely back in my car and merged back into traffic I took a cleansing breath, wiped the sweat from my brow and concluded that life, as an insightful author and Professional Health Coach, is tough!

Next, I drove straight to the closest McDonalds and bought a quarter pounder with cheese and EXTRA bacon along with a large fry and carbonated beverage. All of a sudden life became better again as I transcended the stress and pain, descending into a nutritionally induced coma. (Of course, I hope you understand that I’ve been b.s. ing you for the last paragraph or two.)

I’d really like to meet the marketing genius that created this campaign or the corporate executive that gave his/her approval. I wonder what advice they might offer their child who had a tough day in school. “Life is tough Junior. Here have some bacon.” I can see it now. A co-worker or neighbor has a death in the family and they might send flowers and bacon.

Here’s a brilliant idea. Rather than bombing Syria, let’s show our support and send victims bacon. Life is tough there. I think they’d really appreciate the thought.

Finally, why pass more laws regulating guns in an effort to reduce crime and violence in our cities and communities? I know life is tough in the inner city. Why not just give the gangs and serial killers some bacon?

I could go on, but that’s enough of my thoughts and ideas. Leave me yours in the Speak You Mind box below…

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