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Health Survival Kit

survival lunch boxHealth Survival Kit

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Since the question is rhetorical (kind of), I’m going to speculate on some possibilities:

What am I going to wear today?
Ugh, my hair is awful.
What is the weather like?
I hope we’re not out of frosted flakes.
Is there coffee?
I have to get these kids to school.
What is the traffic like today?

We do live in a stressful culture, don’t we? And it’s not surprising that our health is declining and waistlines inclining.

In the interest of survival, I’d like to offer this tip. To do lists dictate our lives but don’t always line up with our priorities. All the small fires we have to put out each and every day leave very little room for taking care of ourselves. Consider making health a priority and as such add “what am I going to eat today?” to your morning routine.

Diet will influence your health greater than any other factor such as genes or environment etc. and diet is the one thing that you control. Start your day with a healthy breakfast (and I’m talking about highly processed high glycemic breakfast cereals or tarts.) Then avoid delegating your nutritional intake and future well being to what is delivered through the drive through window by packing a health survival kit. Some people would call it a lunch box. The one pictured features fajita seasoned grilled chicken breast and veggies, lettuce for the wrap, a half of an apple and almond butter and protein shake. That’s 3 meals for this health coach (saving me about $20.00 in dining out expenses) and I’m good for the day. This took a little time and planning to put together but since health is my priority I’ve made a habit of planning my meals for the day. Then I go put out the fires…

I strongly suggest making a health survival kit part of your daily routine for more vibrant and improved health.

Mike Winslow is a Certified Health Coach with a record of success helping people make health a priority in their lives, losing weight and creating health. His unique coaching model allows him to work with clients in all 50 states as the coaching service take place over the phone, through email and texts.

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Sticks and Stones

From an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch…Peggy Howell, spokeswoman for the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, takes offense being labeled as “diseased” by the American Medical Association’s declaration that obesity is a disease. She said, “To label a whole segment of society as diseased without any knowledge of their health is unacceptable… It directly fuels discrimination. This is a step backward.”

As a child you remember the rhyme your parents taught you right? Sticks and stones may break my bones…? But personally I to would be bugged being classified as diseased. There could be implications insurance and employment wise and like it or not, words can hurt you.

By its mere existence The NAAFA is evidence that overweight and obese people are discriminated against. As for myself, a professional certified health coach working in the weight loss field, I strive to see the value of and hear the concerns of any person I engage regardless size, race or political affiliation. Yet, I’ll admit a slight bias only because I’ve been taught that over weight is unhealthy and I want to stay in an orbit with healthy people. In fact, many over weight people I’ve met feel the same way and have concluded that their condition is not acceptable and are seeking my help to change it.

In a perfect world, people wouldn’t judge a person by their appearance. But one of my favorite philosophers the late Jim Rohn offered this piece of insight – “they do”. Like it or not, it’s just the way things are.

Obesity is a relatively new concern. Forty years ago, most health agencies didn’t bother to track statistics regarding this disease – or is it a condition? Maybe it “is what it is” because it couldn’t possibly be related to life style choices. Or could it?

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