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The Path I Have Chosen

Recently a dear friend asked if I’d been writing lately. I had to confess, “No not for a couple of months… too many transitions” I excused myself. For one, I moved (again) in May. The lease was up and it was best to make a change. The struggle was a result of my vision to move east (more urban) and best options were west (more suburban). So here I am, west, within a couple miles of my departure point five years ago and to my surprise I really feel like this is where I’m supposed to be for now.

Additionally, today I make the transition from 58 to 59 years old. Yes, Dwight Eisenhower was in the second year of his presidency when I was born on June 23. Richard Nixon was his Vice President. I don’t know about you, but things like birthdays put me in an introspective state.

I was all prepared to unleash a 2500 word blog when I had a phone call from another dear friend. And during that conversation I was able to make peace with the success and failure, the joy and sorrow, the ups and downs of the last 59 years in these seven words.

This is the path I have chosen.

Honestly I can’t say I’m where I envisioned myself at this juncture in time. (Maybe everyone has these types of thoughts at times.) But in so many ways I’m incredibly blessed that I refuse to regret even one mistake or circumstance in the fear that it might diminish or tarnish these blessings.

The path I have chosen has brought me:

  • This connection to you today, which I consider a gift.
  • A great family, three beautiful children and a grand daughter.
  • Friends, wonderful friends.
  • A circle of trusted confidants and mentors.
  • My good health.
  • A rewarding career helping people find and reach their health goals as a Professional Health Coach.
  • Hope for a fulfilling and rewarding future.

I’d like to leave you with this thought. Take time to really weigh and evaluate the things that most matter to you and the achievements that are waiting to be undertaken. Things like your health, relationships and financial goals. Then make choices in harmony with those priorities, and you’ll create the life you have chosen.

Your friend,
Mr. Suburbia

p.s. If you have a thought, please share it with me (and the world) in the box below.