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Flirting with Fences and Fate

There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.
– Will Rogers

Flirting with Fences and Fate

I’ve never peed on an electric fence, but I did lay the barrel of my shotgun on an electric fence once while pheasant hunting in Wyoming. The jolt I received was memorable, being strong enough to rattle the fillings in my teeth.

Since we were fairly certain there were plenty of game birds in the next field an electric fence was always an obstacle with three possible solutions: crawl under (usually in the mud), straddle (very dangerous for obvious reasons), or just maybe the fence wasn’t charged and only offering a psychological barrier. Of course this last one required a cocky confident member of our party to test the theory. I never disrespected an electric fence after that.

As a philosopher and social commentator Will Rogers used humor to address the “sticky” social and political issues of his time. His quote is timely and significant because true now as it was then The One learns by reading. The Few learn by observation. The Rest must experience it for themselves.

As a reader, perpetual student and a certified health coach for Take Shape for Life I’m constantly amazed that intelligent educated people pee so close to the fence dietarily speaking. I observe people that I care about and love get into a motor vehicle and buckle their seat belt (for safety) on the way to the tasty freeze or pizza parlor for some dietary reckless driving. To me, it’s simply insane.

Recently I had a good friend remark that I would live longer than him because he enjoys the high fat, high sugar, high salt foods and the medications seem to be working for now. Baring an unforeseen accident or circumstance he’s probably right. But preceding me in death is the easy part. It’s the quality of life leading up to death one needs to consider like the risks and complications that have been linked to overweight and obesity including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and they’re looking at Alzheimer’s. These chronic and debilitating diseases eat away dignity and quality of life, not to mention erodes financial resources.

Everyday each of us is faced with choices that either create health or create sickness. Ignorance is not an excuse and apathy is an irreversible choice.

There are a lot of things to live for beyond caving in to a primal urge to satisfy our olfactory nerves with a substance that’s neither nourishing nor sensible (when you really consider the ingredients). For example a person may want to enjoy and influence their children’s children. A person might want to create a legacy or be an ambassador of their faith. Or a person might want to travel and appreciate the beautiful things in creation. All these things require good health to be fully experienced and appreciated.

Are you flirting with fences and fate? Don’t ignore the warning sign. If you could make the choice to create optimal health, would you take it?

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