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Resolutions Fail

According To Change Expert and Author Kerry Patterson, Resolutions Fail because…

… your biggest risk with any long-term change project is not that you’ll fail at the end, but that you’ll drop out at the beginning. Change Anything

According to news sources and general hearsay, the number one resolution made on January 1 is to lose weight and get into shape. And from what I’ve heard from friends, their gyms are very busy – making it difficult to get on a machine. My friend Anne casually mentioned that she was turned away from her normal yoga class because the room was full!

In his book Kerry Patterson (and coauthors), in the context of personal change or resolutions fail he says, “…we first think of our own lack of motivation. Our primary problem isn’t that we’re weak; it’s that we’re blind – and when it comes to long-standing habits, what you can’t see is usually what’s controlling you.”

So when it comes to weight loss, what you can’t see is all the food scientists working day and night to hone their products down to achieve the maximum appeal to your primordial instinct for survival in order to make the food corporations the best profit – at your expense both financially and with regard to your health.

Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen in his book Dr A’s Habits of Health chapter one says, “The food industry isn’t your friend. Between sodas, snacks-even an innocent looking slice of bread-the average American consumes 26 spoonfuls of refined sugar every day. Yet your body only needs the equivalent of one teaspoon of sugar to operate your entire bloodstream.”

And there is so much more… but if I could impart one thought in this limited amount of time we have together it would be that;

Preventing resolution failure is not about will power. It’s about skill, information and tools mixed in with your desire to create change.

According to statistics over two thirds of Americans are overweight and half those considered obese. This constitutes a real problem for our health care system and country. More importantly is the negative impact this condition brings on the individual their family. When it comes to weight loss and a further view to optimal health, Take Shape for Life offers the education and tools to assist you in the worthy endeavor to live a longer healthier life.

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