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Why You Are Fat – It’s Not What You Think

Yes, your mind is not playing tricks on you. That is a skier moments before he/she slaloms down a mountain of surplus corn. Why you are fat it’s not what you think is intended to shed a little light on the problem and offer a solution for those suffering from the obesity epidemic in America.

When there is not a drought, the silos fill up and then they just dump grain on the ground creating mountains of surplus corn. America and the seed companies have got the science of growing corn down pat, so much so that during a Sunday drive through the heartland the only crop you are likely to see is corn, corn, corn, soybeans, maybe some wheat and more corn.

As a concerned citizen and caring neighbor you might be worried about the farmer’s welfare, because just like oil, when there is a surplus the price goes down. And normally lower prices have a negative impact on a business person’s bottom line. But not to worry because Uncle Sam has got him covered with $82 billion in subsidies from 1995-2011

At this point, you may be asking, “Why is this information relevant to me?” Good question. It’s relevant because the last time America experienced a food crisis (inflationary prices and meat shortages) what in the early 1970s when Nixon was president.

Since then the farmers, the seed companies and the government have become proficient to the point that a food shortage is the furthest thought for most of us living here in the United States. Compare that to three hundred years ago (before the industrial revolution) when the citizens of this planet were either agrarian or hunters, the food they consumed was hunted or grown locally and 3 squares day was not a inalienable right.

What is different today is that you are virtually assured of a crop or a kill (and thus a meal) when you go the vending machine, drive through, grocery store, gas station, cupboard, refrigerator or restaurant. What also is different is that the number of calories you expend in your hunt or cultivation of your food as compared to your great, great, great grandfather.

What is not different today is the body you were born with is incredibly efficient at storing calories as fat as a mechanism which was necessary (up until recent history) for survival. And unfortunately a couple hundred years is not enough time for your genetics to evolve into a system where for very few calories spent, you are guaranteed a meal.

In wrapping it up, the calorie hoarding machine that your body is, makes you vulnerable to sweet(s) because 300 or 10,000 years ago those berries you found meant stored calories you could call on later. Fast forward to 1980 when high fructose corn syrup (hfcs) became commercially available and companies like Coke and Pepsi (only to mention a couple) incorporated it as a sweetener replacing the more expensive natural sugar. This incidentally coincides with the new marketing phenomenon called super sizing which incidentally coincides with the beginning of the obesity epidemic and incidentally coincides with the dramatic rise of diabetes and related diseases in the United States.

It is my sincere desire that the above information be a legitimate response (at least in part) to the statement “why you are fat it’s not what you think”. Furthermore I have a viable solution to offer those individuals who are down because the number on the scale is up.

As an Independent Health Coach for Take Shape for Life ™ (a physian led health network) I have adopted and endorse the mission to eradicate obesity in America. With a view to optimal health and longevity, the first step in our proven program is to assist our clients to reach a healthy weight and then to maintain it for life with the system called The Habits of Health ™ designed by Wayne Scott Andersen, MD.

Think about this if you would like to improve your health, esteem and appearance, “It’s never too late to start. It’s always too late to wait.” Jeff Olsen.

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