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Why You Are Fat

Fat butts designer jeansActually, I don’t know why you are fat or if you are even fat at all. But I do know how I got fat (and healthy again) and can share that story along with a couple of (dirty) little secrets I’ve uncovered lately.

I got fat the old fashioned way, beer and doughnuts. As a young entrepreneur owning a cleaning service in my early 30s, my alarm went off at 4 a.m. and I was out the door and on the road to take care of my accounts. My favorite gas station would have fresh doughnuts waiting just for me along with that cup of hot coffee. I mostly preferred cake doughnuts with the chocolate icing as they were more filling than the raised doughnuts and I liked my coffee black.

Life was good back then. I was married with three young children, had a house in the country, a good circle of friends, the bills were getting paid and I was impervious to things like calories, trans-fat, high glycemic super-sized foods and drinks, and even some friendly banter from my children about looking “pregnant”. I played fast and loose with my theology betting that God could and would bail me out of any situation because I was a “good guy” and he offered up “unmerited favor”.

Then in my late 40s divorce found me and I lost my comfort zone; the circle of friends, the unmerited favor of my wife, the trust my children had in me, and in a major way my self-confidence. The one thing I didn’t lose was the belly.

Either pride or vanity spoke to me one day about six months later when I looked in the mirror. It was there and then I decided the belly (all 30 pounds of it) had to go. I was single again the fat gut wasn’t helping my confidence on the dating scene. That’s why I think it was pride or vanity. Who get’s healthy for health’s sake anyway? And why would a higher risk of death motivate anyone? If it made sense, the American landscape would look a lot different than it does now.

Then I did what every red-blooded American does at these junctures in life. I joined a gym. Actually it was a martial arts studio and we worked cardio, we worked weights, we hit the bags with energy and furry. We practiced interval style training. It wasn’t long before I was getting stronger and had more endurance but the problem was I still had the gut. Yes I was building some nice muscle underneath that fat.

Not until I quit being so apathetic about the quantities and nutritional value of the food I was eating that I began to see a difference in my physical appearance and correspondingly energy, immune system and overall well being. Of course this required a change in behavior, in shopping habits and preferences predicated on my studies. I began making educated choices about portions, combinations and nutritional values as it relates to the needs of my body, (not as it appeals to the cultured instinct to coat my palate with something sweet or fat or both). I also made it a point to learn the things that were detrimental to health: trans-fat, monosodium glutamate (msg), high fructose corn syrup, sugars in any large quantity, artificial sweeteners, and processed high glycemic foods.

These days a large part of the population makes food choices based on price, which is what the distribution centers in the food chain offer. I find it fascinating that the high fructose, highly processed, high in calorie foods are all pretty cheap while the high fiber, high in nutrition low glycemic foods are more expensive. Hmmmm.

In the end I feel that paying a little more for my groceries, a little more attention to the details and a little more respect for my myself costs less than the life-style induced disease (including treatment and consequences) brought on by apathy, neglect and ignorance.

“Eat to live not live to eat.” Poor Richards Almanac as authored by Ben Franklin.

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The Weight of the Nation Part One

Kudos to HBO for creating this series. The weight of the nation part one addresses the consequences of this disagreeable epidemic and how it threatens the nation’s economy and well being. The last three segments deal with Choices, Crisis (the children) and the Challenges. If you have an interest in protecting your own health, family or country this series will broaden your understanding of the problem.

If you have become entrapped (or know someone who has) in the obesity crisis, we offer a viable proven medically designed solution to get you safely on the path to a healthy weight and optimal living. Simply fill out the form below to arrange a conversation.

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Serious and committed candidates can enroll for a free coaching session and added materials.
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Losing Weight Is Easy

Healthy ExerciseEasy to Do…. Easy not to do.

“Everything you need to do to transform your life is easy to do.

It’s easy to become healthy, fit and vibrant. It’s easy to become financially independent. It’s easy to have a happy family and a life rich with meaningful friendships.

Tapping into the Slight Edge means doing things that are easy. Simple little disciplines that, done consistently over time, will add up the very biggest accomplishments.

It’s easy to have everything you ever wanted in your life. Every action you need to take to make any and all of your dreams come true is easy. So why is it, then, that the masses are unhappy, unhealthy and financially bound?

Every action that any of these goals require is easy to do. Here’s the problem: every action that is easy to do, is also easy not to do.”

The Slight Edge (Revised Edition): Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success by Jeff Olsen.

I was in the audience May 19, 2012 as Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen author of Dr. A’s Habits of Health was speaking on the ever growing epidemic of obesity in America and solutions to reverse the trend. This is a man, passionate for his mission to see America become a healthy nation again, has put to paper not only the practice of regaining and maintaining health but also the philosophy required to make it stick.

As Jeff Olsen points out in his book, we are living in the information age. Lack of information is not the problem. (Sometimes there is misinformation and certainly there are opposing interests in our economy and society. Farmers want to sell their corn (high fructose corn syrup), tobacco companies want to sell their crops, distillers and brewers want to sell their products, etc) The problem is lack of the healthy philosophy that steers our choices and keeps us on the healthy path.

What appears to be the norm in our society when it comes to portions, nutrition and life-style has come back to bite us as evidenced in recent health trends. And if your philosophy is to base your food and health choices on what you see in the mainstream, you are probably headed for trouble. The mainstream wants to make a buck and will gladly take your money at the expense of your health (super-sized beverages, high calorie nutrient lacking foods and snacks).

But if your philosophy is to take responsibility and practice the easy things every day (exercise, portion control, sleep, drinking water, balance, hanging out with like-minded souls, judicious eating), you know that in due time you will reap the better health you seek and enjoy the benefits.

Take a moment to consider the benefits or consequences.

Losing weight is easy when you have the recipe, when you have the support, when you put yourself in a healthy environment, and when you have dream for the future that makes the little bit of effort required to do the healthy things and make the healthy choices every day…easy.

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