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Two Easy Solutions to Buck the Obesity Trends

Recently there was a two panel cartoon going around the internet depicting a skinny man standing next to a 1990 era television. The second panel dated 2010 shows how technology has made the television slim, but the man is now obese. This was the artist’s way of commenting on a social issue.

The Centers for Disease Control published their findings in the chart below Obesity Trends Among U.S. Adults.

Obesity Trends

Amazingly, both the cartoon and this scientifically designed chart say the same thing, that there is a health crisis in America. 70% of Americans are overweight and that half those are considered obese (BMI over 30). If the trend continues, 90% Americans will be overweight by 2030.

So why concern yourself about this crisis when there are so many other crises crying for your attention like the rising price of gasoline just to mention one?

The short answer is the huge toll on the individual physiology in higher risks and incidents of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer to mention a couple. Obesity strains all the systems of the body including cardiovascular, skeletal and immune. It affects quality of sleep, quality of life, sexual energy, self-confidence and restricts activities like exercise and playing with the grand children. Last but not least, there are financial ramifications in terms of added medical care and prescription costs, lower wages (Sanford University study), higher insurance premiums, more sick days and we come full circle to the gasoline issue in that it takes more fuel to move more weight both in an automobile or aircraft. Dang!

I think you’ll agree with me that you can do very little about the cost of a gallon of gas. The good new is you have more control over your health than you might think. Experts have stated the largest percentage of your health outcome has to do with diet and lifestyle and that you can’t blame all your maladies on genetics.

This article offers two easy solutions to buck the obesity trend. Both require reeducation and planning when it comes to grocery shopping and dining out. Both require lifestyle and behavior change. But don’t be discouraged because living healthy is not living deprived. Living healthy is enjoying the finer things in life in balance and feeling good about you.


Assuming you don’t change your intake, you have to burn and additional 3500 calories over and above what’s required to maintain basic body function like breathing and digestion plus your current activity and exercise levels in order to lose one pound of fat. Running 33 miles would be one way to accomplish this goal.

Here’s the formula. Figure your Basil Metabolic Rate (BMR) then figure your calorie requirements based on your activity level. There are books, websites, fitness clubs and gadgets available to assist you in this process. Then track the calories you consume in a week and divide by 7. If you are consuming more calories than your daily requirement, you’re probably gaining weight.

You are now left with three options if your goal is to lose weight. First of all, you can cut your calorie intake or increase activity or both. Always consult your doctor especially if you are using medications. And finally remember that all calories are not created equal.


Thousands of people have discovered the secret of losing weight and getting on the path to a longer healthier life through Take Shape for Life. The program is backed by over 30 years of medical research and experience. It has been validated both by John’s Hopkins University and the National Institute of Health. The best part is the program is simple to implement, portable and cost neutral.

If you can eat every 21/2 – 3 hours, you can lose weight. The calculations have already been made for you. Many of the portion controlled meal replacements require no or little preparation so you can take them on the road or to the office. And finally when a person honestly evaluates their monthly food expense (including dining out) they typically agree the program is cost neutral or creates a savings.

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