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Pudgy Pets

From an article by Marla Dickerson LA Times

53% of Cats and 55% of dogs overweight acct the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

Dr. Ernie Ward (North Carolina veterinarian) is quoted speaking in regard to this trend, “This is troubling because it means more pets will be affected by weight related diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease, costing pet owners millions in avoidable medical costs. Ward asserts the problem stems from denial of a problem and a distorted perception in the human population as to what is “normal” weight according to accepted medical and health standards. The Center for Disease Control puts two thirds of Americans overweight and half those in the category of obese.

According to the article, the answer to this problem is not to buy a bigger dog house or a girdle for your cat but to feed your furry friends responsibly (that requires getting educated) and getting them some exercise.

The thought crossed my mind that feeding your pet into obesity might just be considered cruelty. And if it is, then what would you call it when you do it to yourself or your children?

There are many problems in the world that need to be fixed; the economy of Greece, the foreclosure problem in the U.S., corporate greed, you pick one. Few of us have any individual influence in effecting a solution to these issues. However you have enormous influence over your own health outcome and that of your children and pets. Why not exercise it?

It Pays to Lose!

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. If that’s true, my job is easy today. I’m simply going to type a few lines and let the chart below do most the talking.

The common thread in every book I’ve read on the subject of personal development and achievement is that underlying every individual success story, every subject has a powerful “why”. There was a dream, a mission, a calling, a noble cause, a love – or maybe just an instinct for survival. Regardless, the “why” was living in their mind and there was a passionate desire to achieve.

An undertaking that profits us personally may sometimes be more difficult to pursue than one that benefits others (i.e. church, family, community or employer) because we feel guilty or selfish. But the fact is that physical, emotional and financial wellness will equip you to undertake the noble endeavor that benefits church, family, community and employer.

“Take heed unto thyself” is ancient wisdom worth considering.

It’s my hope that in the chart below (produced by the Cleveland Clinic) that if you are searching, you might find “your why” and catalyst for getting on the path to better health.

There’s a lot to gain by losing a little fat. In fact the benefits are enormous.

You may think getting to a healthy weight is difficult. I’ll agree, it’s challenging. But it’s also simple once you have the recipe. The first step is to arrange your free consultation.

Call on my personal cell phone: 636-578-5456 or email

Finally! An easy solution…


I always try to see the humor in things and hope my silly headline made you grin.

Actually, your health is a serious subject but getting back into shape doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be fun.

In the event you don’t want to invest in a girdle, here are three tips that won’t cost you anything out of pocket that will move you toward better health and optimal weight.

  1. Eat breakfast.
  2. Drink water – Divide your weight by 2 and drink that many ounces.
  3. Walk 30 minutes a day.
  4. Get adequate sleep. 7-8 hours.
One more thing that won’t cost you anything out of pocket is our Take Shape for Life Program. You will spend money on groceries and dining out this month, regardless. Usually, your investment in your health and this program is “cost neutral”. Many of my clients tell me that their grocery bill goes down on this amazing program. Affordability is really not an issue.

The twofold benefit.

  1. You save money  (or at least break even) on the grocery bill. You save money (by reducing your need for future health care) and pain by taking preventative steps to improve your health.
  2. Look better, feel better, enjoy better quality of life.

In closing if you, or someone you know wants (is needing) to make a change, arrange for a free 20 minute consultation. It probably will be the best decision you could make at this juncture in life.